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2016  —  5 min

The official music video for "John Forbid" by Jennah Bell.

"It is the slow dance of two star crossed lovers to the inevitable truth: they can never have the love they dream of." – Jennah Bell

Director / Choreographer: Holly Wilder
Dancers: Gabriel Hyman & Larissa Gerszke

Actress: Jennah Bell (songwriter)
Cinematographer / Editor: Duncan Wilder
Music: Jennah Bell
Production Design: Maria Arrington & Jennah Bell
Makeup: Tenelle Veira
Floral Design: Krista Chiu


2017 American Dance Festival's Movies by Movers

2017 Spark Dance Forum Film Festival

2017 SpringUP Dance on Camera Showcase

2017 DanceBARN Screendance Festival

2017 Detroit Dance City Film Festival

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