Ashes To Ashes

Filmed in September 2018  —  5 min

The official music video for "Ashes to Ashes" by Jean Rohe.

What does it feel like to live inside your body, to feel its primal urges, its tactile passions, its shadowy corners?


“It’s there we love and it’s there we lie.

And every night it’s there we die.”

- Jean Rohe, “Ashes To Ashes”

Director / Choreographer / Editor: Holly Wilder

Dancers: Eliah James Furlong, Martina Loyato, Audrey Wells, Terri Ayana Wright

Cinematographer: Duncan Wilder

Music: Jean Rohe

Production Assistant: Jean Rohe


BEST CHOREOGRAPHY FOR A LENS - 2020 Phoenix Dance Film Festival


2019 Dallas Dance Film Festival

2019 VideoDanzaBA in Buenos Aires

2020 Phoenix Dance Film Festival

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