Wilder Project is an award-winning dance film company based in New York City and founded by Wilder siblings, Holly and Duncan. We are dedicated to capturing raw humanity through movement and lens.

We explore our layers by creating work that embodies emotion through physicality. We use the camera lens to choreograph our viewers into each dance and transport them to a moment in time and space that expands the metaphor of our story. 

We aim to reveal something unifying about the human experience.
Something shared. Something wild. Something honest.

Company Bio:

Wilder Project’s 14 dance films have been screened at over 40 film festivals and screenings all over the world, including the acclaimed San Francisco Dance Film Festival and American Dance Festival’s Movies By Movers. They presented a multimedia collaboration at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 2016. 


Wilder Project's film, “The Field”, has been selected to 25 film festivals receiving First Place at Verve Dance Film Festival and Richmond Dance Festival as well as the Best Experimental Film at the Santiago Film Awards, the Audience Favorite award at Opine Dance Film Festival, and Best Director at Utah Dance Film Festival. Their film, “undertow”, also received the Audience Favorite award at the Philadelphia Dance Film Festival.


Wilder Project has received music video commissions from artists like Jennah Bell, Jean Rohe, Stephanie Allen, and Bolivian pop star Luis Gamarra, and a film commission from Berklee School of Music. The company has also performed live at Battery Dance Festival, CURRENT SESSIONS, the Boston Conservatory, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and INSITU Site Specific Dance Festival. They have been featured in Dance Magazine, The Boston Globe, Arts Atlanta, The Dance Journal, and Cultural Weekly. They continue to create innovative work on the cutting edge of the dance film industry.

Meet Our Founders

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Meet Our Dancers

Founding Members:

Shelby Claire

Tanner Myles Huseman

Gabriel Lawton

Santiago MacLean

Victoria Daylor

Guest Artists:

Audrey Wells

Eliah James Furlong

Martina Loyato

Terri Ayana Wright

Elijah Dillehay

Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada

Gabriel Hyman

Larissa Gerszke

Press / Reviews

"Holly Wilder is a master storyteller who is capable of capturing the most beautiful and most challenging aspects of human nature by setting the body into motion."

– Alicia Graf Mack, Director of Dance at The Juilliard School, former Principal Dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

"Wilder’s raw narrative movement vocabulary hits close to the heart."

– Amanda Sieradzki, for Arts Atlanta || Read the full review of "The Field"

"The dance is visceral – so much so that I felt I could nearly smell the earth – and each shot is clearly choreographed with the dance, and specifically for the camera. Wake is an intelligent and moving short film that is beautifully rendered."

– Sarah Elgart, for Cultural Weekly || Read the full review of "Wake"

Wake still_edited.jpg

"Holly Wilder of Wilder Project says that social media offers a place to experiment: 'You can release small segments of work or unfinished ideas'."

– Dance Magazine || Read the full article

"My favorite film of the [Philadelphia Screendance] festival, undertow, is produced by siblings Holly and Duncan Wilder. Using only two dancers, two basic locations, an umbrella and some smooth choreography, undertow tells a coherent story about the pressures we feel around us. It’s an expertly crafted example of how the simplest concepts can be the strongest, using camera and editing not only to tell the viewer which parts of the dance are most important, but also to cut between locations for stronger narrative effect. No other film in the festival integrated the dance and film mediums so strongly."

– Alex Strine, for The Dance Journal

"Combining the abstract beauty of nature with the specific beauty of dance, The Weight is, above all, a cinematic wonder."

– Karen Young, Short Films Programmer, Maine International Film Festival


"The Weight was a beautifully shot, thoughtful, and engaging work of art. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with its breathtaking sequences in nature and spectacular dancing."

– Sidra Bell, internationally recognized choreographer

"So impressed by this powerful, beautifully conceived dance film [The Weight]. I felt like I was watching a fresh North American reimagining of Pina Bausch’s 'dance-theater'. As a viewer, I sensed wonder and surprise as dancers discovered objective correlatives of emotion in the landscape around them: running backward through birch forests, looking through spiderweb, splashing into a tidal marsh. Impressive, too, that both Holly Wilder’s choreography and her brother Duncan’s camerawork manage to stand out against and counter balance the rugged, monumental landscape of Maine’s Acadia National Park."

– Judson Evans, writer, poet, and teacher

"I want this film to give people a chance to stop thinking for 30 minutes and just feel. I feel that we don’t give our hearts as much attention as they deserve. I want it to help people turn inward and ask themselves questions they may have been avoiding, like 'what might it take to begin releasing some of my baggage?'"

– Holly Wilder, interviewed by We Are Moving Stories || Read the full interview about "The Weight"

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