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"Wilder’s raw narrative movement vocabulary hits close to the heart."

– Amanda Sieradzki for Arts Atlanta

"Combining the abstract beauty of nature with the specific beauty of dance, The Weight is, above all, a cinematic wonder."

– Karen Young, Programmer of the Maine International Film Festival

"Holly is a master storyteller who is capable of capturing the most beautiful and most challenging aspects of human nature by setting the body into motion."

– Alicia Graf Mack, Director of Dance at The Juilliard School

"The dance is visceral – so much so that I felt I could nearly smell the earth."

– Sarah Elgart for Cultural Weekly

"I felt like I was watching a fresh North American reimagining of Pina Bausch's 'dance theater'."

– Judson Evans, writer, poet, and educater


"The Weight was a beautifully shot, thoughtful, and engaging work of art."

– Sidra Bell, internationally recognized choreographer

"My favorite film of the festival, 'Undertow', is produced by siblings Holly and Duncan Wilder. It’s an expertly crafted example of how the simplest concepts can be the strongest… No other film in the festival integrated the dance and film mediums so strongly."

– Alex Strine for The Dance Journal

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