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2019  —  8 min

A dance film that explores what it means to be a human animal and connect with our environment. With themes of sisterhood, memory, and nostalgia, it is a love poem to the parts of us that are evergreen. In 2021, we released a sequel to this film: Juniper.

Director / Choreographer / Editor: Holly Wilder

Dancers: Shelby Claire, Holly Wilder, Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada

Cinematographer: Duncan Wilder

Music: "Pretty Saro" by Robinson & Rohe,

"This Little Light" from "Deeply Known" by Evan Premo, performed by Aizuri Quartet


2020 American Dance Festival's Movies by Movers

2020 Portland Dance Film Festival

2020 Fuselage Dance Film Festival


Dance Films Association's "Dance Film Lab" in Manhattan

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