2022  —  5 min

“Morning” is a tribute to those we’ve lost to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is set to a commissioned reimagining of the traditional Appalachian spiritual “Bright Morning Stars” arranged and performed by Robinson & Rohe.


This film is a way of feeling grief, of letting the heart break. It is a deep breath. It is a prayer: to dance with sand and water and earth and people and know that we are connected. It is a remembrance of the humans that have left imprints on our lives. In that sense, we never lose them.


May our collective reflection on this period bring us closer to each other. There is connection all around us. There are people whose hands we can hold. Together, we must go forward.

Director / Choreographer: Holly Wilder

Dancers: Victoria Daylor, Christofer Luis Medina, Haley Sung

Cinematographer: Duncan Wilder

Assistant Director: Victoria Daylor

Music: Robinson & Rohe