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2018  —  7 min

The official music videos for "No Siento Más" and "En Paz" by Luis Gamarra. Together they make a two part story about the resistance we find when we are faced with letting go and letting love change.

"No siento más" translates to "I don’t feel it anymore". When you have to be honest even when it hurts.


"En paz" translates to "in peace". When your mind is ready to leave, but your heart is not.

Dance with us through Luis Gamarra’s moving new tracks. They took us to the cliff’s edge and returned us right back to where we started, sitting right here, breathing, and sensing what is inside our hearts.


Thank you to Berklee College of Music for releasing these videos on their official YouTube channel!

Director / Choreographer: Holly Wilder

Dancers: Tanner Myles Huseman & Shelby Claire

Cinematographer: Duncan Wilder

Music: Luis Gamarra

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