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2015  —  25 min

Five individuals' stories interweave through dance amidst the raw beauty of the northern Maine wilderness. This film is a journey of the emotional heaviness we pass between us as we stumble through the relationships of our lives.

Director / Choreographer: Holly Wilder

Dancers: Shelby Claire, Tanner Myles Huseman, Victoria Daylor, Gabriel Lawton, Santiago MacLean

Cinematographer / Editor: Duncan Wilder

Soundtrack: Grace Weber, Johnander Rabal, Camille, Jon Hinthorne, Peter Wise, David Darling


2016 Maine International Film Festival

2016 Revolution Me Film Festival


The Boston Conservatory at Berklee


"So impressed by this powerful, beautifully conceived dance film. I felt like I was watching a fresh North American reimagining of Pina Bausch's 'dance-theater'. As a viewer, I sensed wonder and surprise as dancers discovered objective correlatives of emotion in the landscape around them: running backward through birch forests, looking through a spiderweb, splashing into a tidal marsh. Impressive, too, that both Holly Wilder's choreography and her brother Duncan's camerawork manage to stand out against and counter balance the rugged, monumental landscape of Maine's Acadia National Park."

– Judson Evans, writer, poet, and teacher


Read an interview about The Weight with Artistic Director Holly Wilder published in We Are Moving Stories

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