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2015  —  5 min

We all feel the pressure of external forces pulling us in different directions, telling us what to do with our lives. What are you caught beneath?

Director / Choreographer: Holly Wilder

Dancers: Holly Wilder & Santiago MacLean

Cinematographer / Editor: Duncan Wilder

Music: Peter Wise


AUDIENCE FAVORITE - 2016 Philadelphia Screendance Festival


2016 Philadelphia Screendance Festival

2015 mouthfull presented by OB || HB



"My favorite film of the [Philadelphia Screendance] festival, 'undertow', is produced by siblings Holly and Duncan Wilder. Using only two dancers, two basic locations, an umbrella and some smooth choreography, “undertow” tells a coherent story about the pressures we feel around us. It’s an expertly crafted example of how the simplest concepts can be the strongest, using camera and editing not only to tell the viewer which parts of the dance are most important, but also to cut between locations for stronger narrative effect. No other film in the festival integrated the dance and film mediums so strongly."

– Alex Strine, for The Dance Journal

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